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What to Expect: Tips for a Visit to a Corn Maze!
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Never been to a corn maze?  Thinking of going, but you'd like a better idea of what it's like before you go?  Well, here's the page for you!

Corn mazes are large fields of corn, anywhere from a couple of acres to 20 acres. the paths can cover 2 to 15 miles as well! If you figure an average household property sits on a lot of 1/4 acre (California) to 3/4 acre (Georgia suburban areas), a corn maze can easily cover the area of a subdivision of 10 to 50 homes. Usually, a pattern has been cut into the field using the paths.  The patterns are part of the theme of the maze, like a map of the Unites States or a dinosaur. Of course, the designs are only visible from the air, which makes the only thing rather moot, in my opinion, unless you grow wings and learn to fly...

If making your way through a cornfield maze doesn't sound challenging to you, understand that they plant a variety of corn which grows very tall and becomes very dense - see the photo at right.  Using the sign and my newborn son as a guide, you can see that this corn is 8 to 9 feet tall!

You can see another perspective by looking at this show of people emerging from a corn maze.  You'll notice that the rows of corn between the paths are about 10 feet thick, so you can't see or make your way except by the paths.

If it still doesn't seem challenging enough, try reading Stephen King's "Children of the Corn"  (ok, watch the movie, instead) and then come back at night!  That's right, most corn mazes are open Friday and Saturday evenings, so you can bring a flashlight and try it in the dark.  the photo at right, in which I used a flash AND later enhanced it to make it visible, gives you an idea how eerie it is!

Families with small children tend to come during the day, and those with teenagers usually come after dark!

What else is there to do at a corn maze?

It varies from maze to maze, but here are some of the activities that maze operators often add, usually for a small fee each:

Corn cannons

An air-pressure driven cannon that fires ears of corn.  Who thought this up? Aim it at the target's and fire away.  A working knowledge of physics or having served time in the artillery helps.

Kid's Stuff

For the small children, there are cut-outs to pose in for photos (On the right, that's "Uncle Shuck" of the maze of the same name, and myself (Blake), on the left.)

Hay rides, wagon rides, petting zoo, Pony rides, concessions with hot dogs, burgers, bbq, ice cream, cotton candy are also typical.

And usually, they have pumpkins for sale, too!



Tips for a more fun visit!

Costs are not usually great ($2 to $8 per person), but you may want to bring your own drinks, water bottle and snacks to cut costs.

In many places, the temperature can drop quickly in the late afternoon and after dark, so be sure to bring appropriate clothing.  Speaking of clothing, you will be walking around in a corn field.  Say that aloud, slowly: "cooorrrnnn fffiieellllld".  Ladies, that means forget high heels.  It could be hilly and if it has rained, muddy, so where old trainers or hiking boots, but not your new gym Air-Jordan Nikes.  Speaking of rain, if it looks like it might,  bring a rain jacket and /or umbrella!  That paths are usually very wide, so that an umbrella is not a problem.

I haven't experienced many bugs (e.g., mosquitoes) at all at a corn maze, but if your area is some place like the upper midwest, where mosquitoes reach the size of small aircraft, or New England, which has biting flies that have piranha teeth, you may want to bring some Deet repellent, like "Off Deep Woods" (use at  least 15% Deet by concentration for maximum effectiveness).

In the car, have a spare t-shirt, some baby wipes or towels to clean up if it has rained recently, so you don't muck up the car and have a dry, unsweaty top for the ride home.

I hope this helps!  Whether you go with your significant other, family or a group, it's a blast!

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