When they Buy A Pumpkin….They'll Buy an AMAZING RAINBOW PUMPKIN LIGHT….It's That Easy…..A Perfect Match.

Pumpkin Growers sell an average of about 10,000 Pumpkins each year...most are buying 800 to 2,400 Pumpkin Lights to start with this season (Call for references of a Pumpkin Grower Near You)

DID YOU KNOW...According to the U.S. Fire Administration, over the three day period around Halloween, an average of 15,000 fires cause $92 million in property losses, 45 deaths and 175 injuries (based on a three-year study of Halloween fires). That is why candles are not safe, and your customers will want pumpkin lights.

Howler Brands has eliminated candles and made Halloween safer with their battery operated super bright Rainbow Pumpkin Light. And they are offering the lights at a substantial discount (tell them promo code PY11), with a full credit guarantee (they will credit you back on any unsold lights returned, against future purchases).  They are that confident that you will sell plenty. I have seen one and I like it. They can also be used in luminaries at Halloween, Christmas and parties.

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or Call to Order Yours today at 1-866-469-5372

(Either way, be sure to tell them CODE # PY11 to Receive a Substantially Discounted Wholesale Rate!)

(Suggested Retail is $4.99)







Revised: 13-Jan-2018