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How to Make Your Own Scarecrow or Stuffed Man for your Porch or Yard!

Making a scarecrow is a fun, easy and very inexpensive way to dress up your hard for Halloween and make a fun project to do with your kids!  You can make your scarecrow or stuffed man (or woman) with nothing more than items already available around the house!

You'll need:

  • Three wooden sticks (about 1 inch diameter - to use as stakes, one 6 feet long, one 3 feet, and one 1 foot long)
  • Old clothes - blue jeans, ling sleeve shirt, etc.
  • Gloves for hands, old boots for shoes
  • Straw, hay or pine straw, crumpled newspapers, even leaves, if that is all you have
  • Twine or tough string
  • Nails and hammer, or staple gun
  • A pumpkin (to use as a head), or a cloth or burlap bag
  • Dark color (black or blue are best) waterproof markers

If you plan to sit your scarecrow in a chair, lie it down or otherwise don't need him to be rigid to stand up, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

Making the Scarecrow, step by step

  1. First we'll make the frame for the body.  Tie (or nail) the 3-foot stake onto the 6-foot stake, about 6 inches from one end of the 6-ft stake, to make a cross.
  2. Similarly, tie or nail the smaller stake to the 6 ft stake, about 3 feet from the same end (or effectively, 2.5 feet below the shorter stake). 
  3. The head can me made from a pumpkin, a stuffed burlap or cloth bag, or even a plastic grocery bag! If you use a pumpkin, paint a face on it!  You can carve it, (going in from the BOTTOM!) instead, if you want, so you can put an electric or battery operated light in it (for neat nighttime effect), but it won't last as long! Either way, Then cut a slit in the bottom of the pumpkin and slide it onto the top of the large stake. You can use small gourds as ears.
    If you use a burlap bag, cloth or plastic bag for the head, use the markers to draw eyes and a nose on the plain, unmarked side of the bag. Then fill the bag with straw, leaves or pine straw and shape it into an oval... well, head shape and sizel Tie the bottom of the bag to keep the contents in (It's gross when scarecrow brains fall out...). Then tie the scarecrow's head to the top of your frame.
  4. Dressing your scarecrow. Any old clothes will do. Flannel shirts are traditional, but there's nothing to stop you from using a Def Leppard concert shirt, or even make it look like Martha Stewart (and then repeatedly impale it, like villagers attacking a Frankenstein monster... and...   sorry - got carried away...).
    Put n the smaller bar. (A nail or strong staple will keep the clothes in place.) Tie a belt of rope around the waist of your scarecrow, and stuff the body with lots of straw to fill it out (the kids will love this).
  5. Accessorize your scarecrow any way you choose. Add a hat, with straw dangling out to look like hair. Add some suspenders, sunglasses, or a bandana, and give him a hoe or a rake. Or, if you've made a female scarecrow, give her a straw hat and flowers, as well as an apron and handbag.
  6. Your scarecrow is now ready to spook the neighbors!

This page was updated on 13-Jan-2018

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