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Books, Kits and Tools for Caring Pumpkins!

Halloween Books and Pumpkin Carving Kits and Tools!

Children love Halloween. My 4 year old wants to read Halloween stories all year round. These books and kits make it easy to turn a pumpkin in to an elaborately carved jack-o-Lantern! Anyone can follow these easy instructions to produce a professional-looking Halloween Jack-O-Lantern! If you've ever done a Paint-by-numbers Elvis on velvet as a child, then you can do this! It is much easier than you think!


Pumpkin carving stencils

Stencil kits are the way to Fast and easy way to produce nearly professional results at home.  You or even your children can make stunning looking carved Jack O'Lanterns with these kits.

Extreme Pumpkin Carving : 20 Amazing Designs from Frightful to Fabulous (Paperback)

Providing a new twist on a holiday tradition, this book illustrates how to carve three-dimensional faces and scenes in pumpkins using tools ranging from kitchen knives to carving gouges and chisels. Complete information is provided for getting started, including an overview of tools and tips for finding the best pumpkin to work with. Step-by-step instructions are detailed for using handy household tools to carve dramatic Halloween figures and using professional tools for creating more elaborate and intricate details. Twenty pumpkin carving patterns are provided and include full-color photographs of each finished carving.

Pumpkin Carving Stencil Designs (Paperback)

Create glorious glowing lanterns and illuminated decorative displays with this illustrated guide, which includes projects such as dramatic geometric globes and charming clusters of miniature squash.

Country Living Pumpkin Chic : Decorating with Pumpkins & Gourds (Country Living) (Paperback)

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Pumpkin Carving (Paperback)

Whether your preferences in pumpkins tend toward the spooky or the goofy, you'll find something wonderful to carve here. The book's full-size patterns are imaginative and easy to follow. Besides cats, bats, witches, ghouls, and assorted creatures, there's a gypsy, "Happy Halloween" and "Trick or Treat" designs, and lots of crazy faces. So be prepared for extra trick-or-treaters--with these great pumpkins, your house will attract a lot of admirers. --Amy Handy carries a variety of kits and stencils. If the kit at left is sold out, just scroll down the page there. There will be other kits listed! And for 2 free stencils ( a happy face pumpkin and a spider, click here!

Book: The Goopy Ghost of Halloween

By V.R. Duin

With vivid illustrations that sing the praises of the darkest and most delightful aspects of Halloween, The Goopy Ghost by V. R. Duin is a fantastically fun rhyming tale that celebrates the goopiest of ghostly goo. When siblings Steven and Sally trace the lines of what can only be described as the fiercest of all pumpkin faces and have their father carve the expression, they never imagine that the goo they toss in the rubbish bin will return to haunt them. A goopy ghost whose “Boo!” includes candy thieving, this ghoul roams the house to find a new house—one that isn't on fire. Absolutely unforgettable, this ghost story is perfect for even the youngest of beginning readers and is sure to become a Halloween classic.

Dremel Kit

Use a Dremel tool just like the professional pumpkin carvers do to strip away just what you want, where you want and as much or little as you want! The Dremel Kit features a rechargeable cordless battery operated carving tool, powered by the Dremel 6V MiniMite Cordless Rotary Tool, The Kit makes it faster and easier to carve stunning, artistic jack-o'-lantern designs. The battery operated carving tool strips away a partial layer of the pumpkin's surface for a translucent effect.

  • As easy as tracing a drawing
  • Additional pumpkin carving tips available at dremel
  • Carve intricate patterns in minutes

Here's an actual pumpkin I carved from these kits! Then it's pretty amazing, huh?

Halloween Costumes

Here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for children this year. For more choices, see our Halloween costumes pages.

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