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The Best Halloween costumes for 2024; fast and at great prices!

Get the best Halloween costumes for 2024- fast delivery and at great prices!

Young or old, children, adults, boys, girls and people who identify as dinosaurs... everyone loves Halloween . And who can blame them? Free candy, outdoor fun with friends and costumes! It is also one of the world's oldest holidays, dating back to thousands of years.

So, which costume to choose? 

That. Is the big question for many year! What's the really "in" costume? What will my friends wear?  Do I want to be scary? Funny? Unique? A dinosaur? a fairy princess? A unicorn? A wizard, a vampire, a skeleton, a dragon. A fireman, the choices are almost endless! You can also see the top 10 list of most popular Halloween costumes for men, women and children here.

We've gathered up the most. popular, and highly rated. costumes available on. short notice at good prices from your favorite online retailer and put them all below!

Looking to save money?

You can make an amazing costume yourself. When I was a child, for years, my favorite costume. was one my mother made, using a Simplicity or SInger costumer pattern she got at Woolworth's for maybe 50 cents. It was very simple. It was all black with white bones painted on it using a reflective and luminescent white paint that glowed in the dark. As a kid, I thought this was so cool. lots of kids want to be skeletons. But it was also safe due to the reflective nature of the paint she used on both the front. And the back.

When my own sons wanted to be characters from their favorite video games, Mine craft and Roblox, like Iron Man and Steve, I realized, they are naturally boxy in shape and I could make them myself, and it was actually quite easy. . see these pages (make a professional looking Minecraft or Roblox character costume from free boxes)  to do it yourself. . You can make many characters using these instructions. My son's friends were all envious!

Halloween is good, clean, harmless fun for young and old alike! Also see Halloween around the world, the History of Halloween and see this page of current Halloween facts and statistics.

Halloween Costume History and Facts 2024

The Celts, who lived lived hundreds of years ago in what is now Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and northern France began the tradition of Halloween.. The Celtic people, around 800 B.C., celebrated the final harvest of the year called Samhain (pronounced sow-en). It was also the ancient Celtic New Year. Samhain, which translates to "end of summer," usually occurred around the end of October, when the weather started to get cold in Ireland and Scotland. The festival lasted for 3 days. Many people would parade in costumes made from the skins and heads of their animals representing various gods of nature.

Then the Catholic Church, which celebrated All Saint's Day for many centuries co-opted the holiday. Young men were now instructed to go door to door begging for food for the town poor. Villagers were allowed to dress up in costume to represent a saint. Now, instead of dressing up to chase away evil spirits, and celebrating pagan beliefs, they were dressed up to honor the saints.

After the American Revolution, Halloween still never really caught on in America. Most of the country was farmland, and the people too far spread out to share different celebrations from Europe. Any chance to get together was looked forward to - barn raisings, quilting bees, taffy pulls. Eventually, a fall holiday called the Autumn Play Party developed. People would gather and tell ghost stories, dance and sing and feast and light bonfires. The children would stage a school pageant where they paraded in costumes.

Today, Halloween is once again being celebrated as an adult holiday or masquerade, like Mardi Gras. Men and women in every disguise imaginable are now participating in parades. Many parents decorate their homes and yards, dress in costume, hand out candy at their door or go with their children as they collect candy.

And despite its origins, today it has nothing to do with evil, devil worship, satanic forces, etc. It's just good clean fun!

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Comments, Feedback and Addenda:

  • A visitor writes on October 31, 2011: "I would like to point out that the only parts of Saturnalia that survived the Christians is the giving of gifts and the day/week off work (i.e. slaves having free day/week.) The tree and decorations(glass bulbs represent apples, the Christmas lights the candles) come from the Norse (Upper Europe) Yuletide, original celebrated on the 21/22 of December."
  • A visitor writes on October 24, 2010: "Just to clarify your history page, see this page; Despite concerns among some Catholics and other Christians in recent years about the "pagan origins" of Halloween, there really are none. The first attempts to show some connection between the vigil of All Saints and the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain came over a thousand years after All Saints Day became a universal feast, and there's no evidence whatsoever that Gregory III or Gregory IV was even aware of Samhain."

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