Reviews from Customers of Columbus and surrounding counties's Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, Hay Rides and More

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Reviews from Customers of Columbus and surrounding counties's Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, Hay Rides and More , by County

Remember: ALWAYS call (or follow the link to the farm's own website, if the name is a blue link) to confirm the information before you go! They may close, run out or change events, times, etc. without notifying me!

Champaign County

Clark County

Coshocton County

Crawford County

Delaware County

  • Freeman's Farm - 6142 Lewis Center Road, Galena, OH 43021.
    A visitor writes on September 22, 2009: "This was the first farm I took my daughter too for fall fun. We loved it! Clean, great selection of pumpkins, gourds, wonderful country market to get good ol' fashioned produce, canned goods and pantry items. One of my FAVORITE things about this farm...? The kettle corn! The smell of it is intoxicating as you walk around the farm, and the authentic kettle corn taste did not disappoint! We can't wait to go back this year. "
    leeds farm ostrander ohio

  • Leeds Pumpkin Farm -
    8738 Marysville Road, Ostrander, OH 43061.
    A visitor writes on October 24, 2011: "Leed's was awesome! It was a short 30 minute trip from Worthington. While I wasn't sure about the upfront cost, there was so much to do we really felt we got our money's worth. Each fall we've gone to a different farm. We've finally found one we're excited about returning to annually. I would recommend Leed's to anyone."

  • Lehner's Pumpkin Farm -
    2920 SR 203, Radnor, OH 43066.
    A visitor writes on October 03, 2014: "Very nice set up. Great for kids - ponies, hamster balls (you roll around in these), train ride, bouncy house, hay ride, pumpkin sling shots, newly built gift shop. Petting zoo, corn maze."

Fairfield County

  • Paige's Produce - pumpkins, Pick-your-own apples, pumpkins for sale in the shop or farmstand, pumpkin patch-pick in the field where they grow, pumpkin patch- harvested and laid out on the ground or lawn, straw or hay bale maze, child-sized haybale maze, we also have pie pumpkins, tractor-pulled hay rides, Fall festival, Cider mill with fresh apple cider made on the premises, concessions or refreshment stand, porta-potties, picnic area, school tours
    7975 Cincinnati-zanesville Road, Amanda, OH 43102. Phone: (740) 601-8419. Email: [email protected]. Open: Daily in season, Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm; Please call or check our facebook page during the season as crops and times vary. Directions: 1/2 mile west of Amanda, Ohio on State Route 22 (Cincinnati-Zanesville Road). Click here for a map and directions. Pumpkin season typically from September 1st to October 31st; please call or check our facebook page in season;. We use integrated pest management practices (IPM). Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard, Discover. Click here for our Facebook page. We also offer a CSA program, as well as a summer bluegrass event and a fall harvest event. Please check our facebook page for dates and times. (ADDED: January 16, 2019)

Fayette County

Franklin County

  • Circle S Farms - 9015 London Groveport Road, Grove City, OH 43123.
    A visitor writes on October 27, 2009: (positive) "We went to Circle S Farms last week and it was wonderful. They have a couple of mazes, some animals, and a great little barn full of hay. The barn also had slides coming down the hay, which my two year old daughter loved. Many pumpkin patches that I have gone to the pumpkins are just placed in a field, but these were still growing and attached, which I thought was great. I would definitely recommend visiting (and the group rate is cheaper if you are interested)"

  • Hoffman's Farm Market - 800 Hilliard-Rome Road, Columbus, OH.
    A visitor writes on August 14, 2009: "I live near this farm so one day my husband and I stopped by to get some apple cider. After that night I will never set foot on that property again. Neither of us could leave the restroom. Do not take your children there!"
    A visitor writes on October 13, 2008: "I was extremely disappointed by this farm and the pick-your-own pumpkin patch. The property itself was not well taken care of. There was "stuff" everywhere. From broken down farm equipment, to broken refrigerators and old farm trucks. The hayride left much to be desired. The distance was about 400 yards, lasted 10 minutes and included old tractors and combines as its only scenery. The pumpkin patch was hardly that. It was about 20 pumpkins randomly placed in a field. The pumpkins were already cut off the vine and it didn't look like this was where the pumpkins were even grown. The only animals to be seen on the entire farm were a few pigs and they had an old tractor right in the middle of their pen. We purchased our sad little pumpkins and thought we might check out the produce building before we left, even though we were extremely dissatisfied with the hayride and pumpkin patch experience. The produce building/farmers market was not any better. The barn where all this was set up was full of JUNK!!! Literally full of it. I think out of the entire size of the barn, only about 25% was being used to sell produce, ever though you could see the piles and piles of stuff everywhere. There were lots of pumpkins and gourds to choose from but all the other produce looked pretty terrible. I was really looking forward to a nice fall day, with pumpkins and farm animals, and this place was AWFUL. I would not recommend it to anyone. "

  • Kuhlwein's Farm Market & Deli - 1859 Walker Road, Hilliard, OH 43206.
    A visitor writes on October 02, 2011: "We took our 2 year old daughter for her first pumpkin patch experience. Prices were very reasonable ( $8 a person includes a pumpkin, and free under 3 years of age) We had an awesome time playing in the dirt, and the workers were very friendly. We got lost in the corn maze, walked around the pumpkin patch for 30 minutes or so just exploring, the tractor driver told us to have fun and that more tractors would come by to pick us up. Finished up with petting a baby cow and some bunnies and splashing in mud puddles. The cider was delicious and brought home a pumpkin roll too. We will definitely be making this a yearly tradition."
    A visitor writes on October 26, 2009: "My husband and I brought our three children with us to this farm and we had a great time. The people who work there are friendly and helpful and the kids loved it. They had plenty of pumpkins to pick from in the field and the corn maze was the best part. The kids want to come back again. They also have a concession stand that is reasonably priced. Thank you Kuhlwein's for a wonderful experience. We will definitely be back next year. "
    A visitor writes on October 18, 2009: "Great experience! Very organized. Lots of wagons so no waiting for the hayride. Lots of nice pumpkins to pick from. Lots of activities for kids. Will definitely do again next year!"
    A visitor writes on October 18, 2008: "I really loved this place!!! It is exactly what is says in the description. It's not overpriced and my son had a blast. He can not stop talking about it. The hay ride takes you out to the corn maze and once you get through it, your in the pumpkin patch picking pumpkins. The folks working out there were great too! "

Hardin County

Hocking County

Holmes County

  • Hershberger's Farm and Bakery - 5452 State Route 557, Millersburg, OH 44654.
    A visitor writes on April 16, 2011: "Awesome food, baked goods, produce, and Amish experience."

Knox County

  • Grumney Family Farm - 3839 Updike Road, Centerburg, OH 43011.
    A visitor writes on October 20, 2009: "It was a very nice small family farm/pumpkin patch where you can either pick your own pumpkins or pick from their already picked ones. It was real quaint, you just do your thing, get what you want and leave your money in a can. So everybody be honest! Highly recommend!!"

Licking County

  • Devine Farms - 672 National Road (US Route 40), Hebron, OH 43025.
    A visitor writes on October 01, 2011: "This was our first year taking the kids out there and it was wonderful! We were very happy at how clean and tidy the farm was, even in the rain. It was raining when we visited but other than seeing the rain, the farm looked like it hadn't been touched by it. The prices were very reasonable as well, I have a large family so I am always money watching. We spent almost the same amount that another farm was asking and got 4 more Pumpkins than what the other farm offered! The rides were wonderful, my girls loved them and the paint your own Pumpkin.The people there couldn't have been nicer, everyone made it a point to smile. It really did make the atmosphere feel much more family oriented and I loved that fact. Not to mention they actually spoke to us, making us feel very welcome. They were not just standing there like drones taking our money. It was an all around great family quality time. The only thing that I was a tad bit disappointed in was the sandwich I had bought, the bun was still partially frozen and there wasn't awhole lot of meat. As for everyone elses food it was great! All around a great farm and we will be attending again next year! Also, I would recommend a large bottle of the Apple and Pumpkin butters, I assure small one is not enough! "
    A visitor writes on October 11, 2009: "We loved our visit there! We bought our daughter an all day pass and she loved all the activities, we met grandparents there and we all had a wonderful time. The area was very clean and the staff members went above and beyond to provide friendly service and an enjoyable experience. We were truly able to relax for the day and let our daughter enjoy herself. "

  • Lynd Fruit Farm - 9090 Morse Road SW, Pataskala, OH 43062.
    A visitor writes on September 25, 2011: (positive) "This farm has the best of everything... the best corn maze (we go every year), the best pumpkins, apples, etc. We go every year at least once, usually more than that. Love it!"
    A visitor writes on October 09, 2010: "Went to Lynd's on October 2, 2010. We had a great time. We did the corn maze which was really fun for the kids and the adults. After that we went and picked apples. The prices for everything was good.. Been going for many years and will keep going back.."
    A visitor writes on September 16, 2010: "The Orchard is fantastic"
    A visitor writes on October 14, 2009: "Hi there, We went there last week with my sons class and we had a great time. The kids got to pick pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and apples. They also got a tour of the apple warehouse and learned all about how the apples are prepared for selling in our stores. All of the employees were very kind and helpful. The tractor ride was awesome..they took the kids for a very long ride. I understand that some of the activities were cancelled but weather cannot be controlled. I would not hold this against the farm because it is a very nice place to take the children. I would recommend this farm to anyone who wants to take the kids out for a day of fun."
    Does anyone else have a comment, positive or negative, about this farm? Write me!

  • Pigeon Roost Farm - 4413 National Road Southwest, Hebron, OH 43025.
    A visitor writes on October 21, 2009: "We went to this farm today with our 2 little ones. It was the coolest place. Wayyyyyy better than any other farm we have been to and only 30 minutes from columbus. It had so many fun things for the kids and so many animals and surprises. We really had a great time."

Logan County

Madison County

  • Lohstroh Family Farm - 15632 SR 56 SE, Mount Sterling, OH 43143.
    A visitor writes on July 10, 2013: "Loved it, great customer service and very helpful and informative on all the products."

  • The Orchard & Company - 7255 US HWY 42 North, Plain City, OH 43064.
    A visitor writes on October 16, 2013: "I absolutely loved this place! 2012 was my first time and it was better than any pumpkin patch I have ever been to! There was lots of fun for both kids and adults and I spent a very long time there and didn't even notice! "

Marion County

Morrow County

Muskingum County

Perry County

Pickaway County

  • Renick's Family Market - 14080 State Route 23, Ashville, OH 43103.
    A visitor writes on October 26, 2011: "I went to this farm last weekend with my daughters and other family members that had traveled from out of town that day and we had bought 2 pumpkins, each for $15.00. Once we proceeded to carve the pumpkins both of them were rotten on the inside. What a lousy ending to something that should have been fun. We did not pick the pumpkins ourselves from the field but got them from the market area. You would think that those pumpkins that cost more would be better picked out. There went $30.00 down the drain. Never going there again!!!"

Richland County

Ross County

Union County

  • Jacquemin Farms - 7437 Hyland Croy Road, Plain City, OH 43064. Phone: 614-873-5725.
    A visitor writes on October 18, 2015: "My son and I just came back from Jacquemin Fams. Lynd's farm was out of pumpkins, and this farm still had some so we thought we'd try it. I would NEVER go back. Ever. First, you have to pay for a ride to the pumpkin patch, which is fine, but they drop you off in the middle and never tell you they won't pick you up unless you drag your pumpkin all the way to the same exact spot. Their fields were filled with burdock plants that had the sharpest spines you ever saw. When you pulled them out of your skin they drew blood. I wonder how many children were hurt from those plants. They didn't spray for any weeds at all. Organic is great until you have plants that are dangerous and they are everywhere. When we picked out our pumpkins, by the time we found good ones we were about 50 yards from the drop off point. But we figured that was OK because we could carry them to the nearest path that the tractor drove on. But NO. They drove right past us as we waited with our pumpkins because we weren't at the drop off point. And they never told us that is where we had to go. They never stopped to tell us anything. I could not believe it. Why in the world would you have an entire 20 acre pumpkin patch with only one drop off and pick up point for the customers AND charge them a dollar per person to do this? Then we went to pay, and we had to wait in 2 lines, one to weigh the pumpkin (only one weigh station) and then a huge line to pay. Everyone was tired and cranky from their long wait, and we had to keep dragging the pumpkins with us. One single mom with 3 kids couldn't possible carry hers so my son went to get a cart for her. No reason for this. Then we get up there and the pumpkins are so expensive it was 2-3 times what Meijer charges but you can't do anything about it at this point. The customer service at checkout was NASTY. They have young girls who are stressed out, don't say thank you, happy to tell people who want to buy a donut (only) that they have to go "ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE END OF THE LINE... ALL THE WAY BACK....." Just to get a flippin donut. Good job management! Then they charged me 53 dollars for 3 pumpkins, realized they didn't zero-out the previous customer's bill, and never apologized for the error. When I pointed out the error the girl said, oh do you still want the pumpkins? I'm like, yes but I don't want to buy them for 53 dollars. Then she said I KNOW, DO YOU STILL WANT THE PUMPKINS? At that point I calmly said "hey, I used to work at a strawberry farm when I was about your age, high school, and the first thing I learned was to be nice to the customers. They are paying for the experience, not the pumpkins, and they come here once a year. Even though you're only getting paid a few bucks an hour, please remember to be nice to the customers." She gave me dirty look. Then I tried to find the owner, but my son told me it's not worth it. On my way out, I heard someone saying "ma'am" and it was the owner's wife. She listened, said the thought she knew who I was talking about and would talk to her. She never apologized. I said I'd not be coming back and she said "well, that's your choice!" instead of trying to make me feel better. I asked about the donut situation and she said "Oh yes, if you want a donut you have to go to the back of the line with all the people buying pumpkins." I could NOT BELIEVE IT. So if you want a donut, it's not worth the wait. This place is NOT what a small business should be run like. Take my advice and go to Lynd's early in the season before they run out of pumpkins. Or buy some for 4 bucks at Meijer's and hide them in your back yard for the kids. I hope that you can post this message to avoid other people having the same back experience."
    A visitor writes on October 19, 2010: "This farm was delightful. We wanted one where we got to go into the fields, so that narrowed it down a bit, but they also had some by the main barn if you wanted to just pick one without the walk. Playing in grain bins was like sand boxes with a inch or so of whole corn kernels with pails, shovels and trucks. Our three years old didn't want to leave. We went on a week night and it was not crowded but enough new friends for the kids to run around with. For it being a farm it was very clean. "
    A visitor writes on August 11, 2010: "We LOVE this farm for fall/pumpkin patch! They are family owned farm with wonderful, helpful, friendly folks. Very family/children friendly. We go every fall for the kid's hay maze and blow up play area as well as the ride out to the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin doughnuts a awesome and the prices are reasonable. We are a family with 5 children so price is important to us. We also go every year for strawberry and raspberry picking, yummy. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed!"

Wyandot County

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