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Decorative Pumpkins for Parties, Weddings, Events or Home

Decorative Pumpkins for Parties, Weddings, Events or Home!

If you are looking for pumpkins for your wedding or a party and cannot find real pumpkins, here is a simple alternative: these artificial decorative pumpkins look just like the real thing, but cannot rot, are available all year round, and you could even sell them when you are done!

There are a variety of lightweight, very realistic looking pumpkins available, perfect for table centerpieces or decorations at weddings and parties. There are small mini pumpkins and gourds, big round and oval orange pumpkins and even white pumpkins. Plus, you can get synthetic or silk leaves, acorns and other Fall decorations! Click on the pictures and links below for more information:

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for children this year. For more choices, see our Halloween costumes pages.

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